Business Cluster – members

The following table introduces our current Business Cluster members. You may also consult our presentation of the Business Cluster, including the advantages to be a member.

MIVTECH Inc. is a tech holding with headquarters in Panama City. MIVTECH has a special position in our network as the company is also a founding member of GraphicsVision.AI and, as such, member of our network since the very beginning in 2010. In the meantime, the holding has expanded its business into a series of sectors, the most relevant one being Digital Signage in particular and Digital Advertising in general. This line of business is conducted by Futurad.TV and commercialized in Panama and Central America.

Agri-Ciência Lda is a Portuguese consultancy company specialized in the AgriFood sector, with headquarters in Évora and a delegation in Lisbon.

Investing significantly into the development and promotion of Precision Farming technology, Agri-Ciência already participated in 4 European and national R&D projects related to Precision Farming and Robotics. Since 2018 the growing Environment market and its direct relation to AgriFood is also considered as a sector of strategic importance by the company.

Fobos Solutions Llc is a Spanish robotics and engineering company located in Vigo, Galiza. Fobos’ core business consists in the design, development and manufacturing of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) and their commercialization.

Fobos focuses on solutions for AgriFood, Precision Farming and Environmental Monitoring and Protection. Among others, the company has customers for their UAV solution for bird plague mitigation in Spain, Portugal and South America (Chile).

Future Intelligence Ltd is a Greek telecom engineering company established in 2009. The company has dsependencies in Heraklion, Ioannina, Limassol (Cyprus) and London. Its business focus lies on two main lines: short and long range communications. The company‘s mission consists in providing highly demanded solutions and business services covering a number of activities, such as:

  • Wireless communications
  • Sensor networks
  • Real-time embedded systems
  • Dynamic energy-aware network management
  • Cloud computing & virtualization

For that purpose, Future Intelligence developed its own “FINoT” Platform which is a next generation Sensor Network Platform that delivers value through the smart interconnection of adaptive controls.

Future Intelligence operates in a series of markets, including Digital Cities, AgriFood, Energy and Aerospace.

EUROKEY Software GmbH is a software development company that started its business activities focusing on e-learning software and the development and integration of custom software and systems. Over time, EUROKEY expanded its business activities, developing customer specific business applications. Based on these applications EUROKEY developed a cloud and mobile software framework which reduces time and money in implementing highly custom-tailored solutions.

3 years ago, EUROKEY decided to develop a strategy around BIM standards. Based on an own software framework the company develops solutions in Architecture, Building/Construction, Facility Management and Infrastructure based on BIM-models. The framework features an interface to use the applications with VR / AR devices, e.g. HoloLens.

A second focus lies on RPA solutions for SMEs based on frameworks like Selenium.

Creating apps and mobile solutions for outdoor and indoor activities (leisure, culture, history, city and museum guides…) is a strongly expanding area.

In early 2020 the company was invited by the Ministry of Education of the state of Saarland to develop an online School platform. The very first operational release was put online in the record time of 3 months that was established due to the urgency and needs imposed by the Pandemic. In the meantime, the platform, designated “ec-ol”, has evolved into a completely new offer within EUROKEY’s product portfolio.

LogicPulse Lda is a Portuguese company that is specialized in the design, development and commercialization of integrated IT solutions and products. Founded in 2007, the company started to operate exclusively in the Portuguese market, with a business strategy that focused strongly on the development of a first portfolio of own products, that that time for the tracking and tracing of goods using RFID technology. Over the years LogicPulse expanded its portfolio by developing products for access control, time attendance and queue and fleet management. In 2012, LogicPulse started a process of internationalization by establishing a dependency in Angola; a representation in Mozambique followed in 2014. Technological innovation has always been considered by LogicPulse as a key factor to the competitiveness of the company and its products and solutions.

CODI – Comércio Design Industrial Lda is a Portuguese technology-based company dedicated to the conception and development of digital 3D and physical models. Founded in 1995, CODI was pioneer in Portugal in additive manufacturing and today is a leading company in this field, providing solutions with different technologies to several economic sectors, e.g. manufacturing, health, education and automotive. Always focusing on innovation and excellency, CODI provides CAD/CAM/CAE solutions and Design, R&D, Reverse Engineering, Fast Prototyping, and PLM services. Regarding R&D activities CODI has launched products like Spark, EyeSpeak and Wondercover. In 2010 CODI was integrated in ínCentea Group, which renders services in ICT, Marketing and Innovation, Business Consulting and Product Engineering and has dependencies in Spain, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe.