Business Cluster – overview

In 2020 GraphicsVision.AI established a new entity within its network, designated the “Business Cluster”.  The Business Cluster complements our R&D member group and  is a space specifically designed for innovation oriented tech companies of any kind (typically SMEs and mid-sized companies) that are interested in the network’s excellence, expertise, assets and activities related to the various technological domains and/or application sectors covered by our R&D members.

As such, the companies benefit from the discussion, definition and implementation of joint applied R&D projects related to innovative product and service development, being those based on public co-funding like Horizon Europe, national or other not mainstream funding opportunities, or direct funding by the participating companies. One critical aspect of such ventures is to ensure the effective technology and know-how transfer from the R&D member(s) to the company. The cooperation model and agreement is anything but “standard”; rather, it is very flexible and allows addressing the very specific business objectives, strategy and other individual interests, needs and requirements of the associated companies.

The following list presents the main advantages of being part of our Business Cluster.

  • Active support of the BC member’s business strategy:
    • At least one visit to the member’s premises by a GraphicsVision.AI representative per each 2-year membership period.
    • Analysis of the member’s business and product/service strategy and planning and carrying out support actions in close collaboration with the member; or
    • any other individual support actions to be discussed and agreed upon.
    • Regular internet based meetings with GraphicsVision.AI representatives.
      • Again, business objectives and strategy oriented.
      • Update on progress; discussion, planning and launching of new / additional initiatives.
    • The membership is always evaluated against the achievement of tangible results.
  • Eligibility to license software from any GraphicsVision.AI R&D member:
    • Under the terms and conditions of a special Non-Commercial License Agreement (NCLA) for trial and test purposes and free of charge, for a period to be agreed upon with the respective R&D member.
    • Special rates for services like adaptation, integration, training etc.
  • Promotion of joint initiatives between the Business Cluster member and one or more selected R&D members, with GraphicsVision.AI’s active support.
  • Participation in “TechTalk” Work Groups for the discussion of selected technological topics, the elaboration of tech and application concepts and their promotion and joint development in suited contexts, including co-funding opportunities.
  • Make use of GraphicsVision.AI’s network and extensive knowledge and experience with European, trans-European and national innovation support mechanisms, including Horizon Europe, Eurostars, Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) and, just to name a few.
  • Promotion, scientific coordination and administrative support of PhD projects conducted jointly by companies and R&D members.
  • Publications in GraphicsVision.AI’s web site:
    • As member of the Business Cluster with a direct link to the member’s web site.
    • Publication of “projects” and “tech assets” in GraphicsVision.AI’s online catalogue.
    • Publication of news items about the member in GraphicsVision.AI’s own news section.

The following diagram illustrates the main application domains in which the network members, collectively, are especially active:


The technological background of the network members and their joint expertise is shown here.

The membership is annual. Membership fees start at 2.000 € for companies with an annual turnover of up to 1 M€.

In this page you see the current Business Cluster members, their expertise and position in the market.

For any further inquiries please contact our Managing Director, Jürgen Bund.