Education & Training

One major goal of GraphicVision.AI is to foster the advancement of knowledge and education of students in areas that contribute to Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Thus, GraphicVision.AI initiates and supports the visit and exchange among Researchers, PhD students and Post-Docs. It supports and strongly encourages common master thesis, PhD thesis, or scientific publications among the members. For that purpose, GraphicVision.AI established its “PhD@GVAI” programme by the end of 2018. The purpose of this programme is to promote and support selected PhD projects and students, by way of S&T supervision, mentoring and financial support (scholarships).

Another tool in this context are the “GVAI research retreats”. Researchers who are interested in a specific scientific/technological topic selected for the retreat, come together for one or several days and exchange and discuss their research activities in the given subject. The result of these retreats are then refined and published as “GVAI Proceedings”.