Mobility, robotics, smart cities, ubiquitousness of services, and autonomousness … all these are trends that will define our lives and work places in the decades to come. Computer Vision and Machine Learning, and AI in general, are concepts that are fundamental, and universal, for the development of practical solutions for these challenges.

GraphicVision.AI actively promotes the cooperation with innovation oriented companies that seek to commercialize and deliver products and services that meet those needs. In order to support this mission even more, GraphicVision.AI recently established its “Business Cluster”, a part of the network specifically designed for the participation of companies in the R&D and innovation processes conducted by GraphicVision.AI itself and its R&D members, including 

  • the creation and development of high-tech start-ups;
  • licensing of state-of-the-art technologies;
  • business development consulting;
  • definition of R&D issues and preparation and submission of R&D projects;
  • the establishment of further strategic partnerships, on a world-wide scale;
  • special and advantageous conditions for technology transfer to companies;
  • project management and consulting services for the set up of high tech incubators and labs.