Research and Development

The research activities of each GraphicsVision.AI member aim to develop innovative solutions to the most challenging problems and needs world technological and societal challenges. Through creative collaboration and constant exchange of information, the partners complement each other, enhancing individual and collective excellence. In this web site, we present a selection of projects and tech assets developed by our members.

GraphicsVision.AI is the first and worldwide unique institution in applied research focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision and Learning combined with other technological research domains like Computer Graphics, Multimodal-Multimedia, Visual Interactive Digital Media, Visualization and Simulation. It offers a single entry point to the largest R&D capacity in of its kind.

GraphicsVision.AI identifies and discusses new trends, and mobilizes efforts at very early stages to tackle new challenges to the benefit of his members. Sounded position and white papers are emerging through the collaboration of all members of the network.

Every year, GraphicsVision.AI organizes up to 2 internal collaboration workshops. Besides serving as a get-together, these workshops always have 2 practical objectives:

  • Update the participating researchers and other staff members about news and opportunities in the European R&D arena, namely Horizon Europe, but also about non-mainstream programmes and funding opportunities.
  • Presentation and discussion of project ideas and initiatives by the researchers, and preparation of the proposal incubation, preparation and submission process.