organized two workshops at Web3D in San Sebastian, Spain (9-11 Oct. 2023)

Successful workshops at the ACM Siggraph Web3D Conference in San Sebastian. has organized two scientific workshops the the titles:

  • Synergies and Challenges of Mixed Reality Language Models and Web-based Metaverse, Chairs: (Prof. D. Stricker)
  • Spatio – Temporal Digital Twins, Chairs: (Prof. J. Döllner) and Oregon Univ. (Prof. R. De Amicis, and U. Malaga (Prof. Salvador Merino)

Please check the details on the program page of the conference.

The Web3D Conference is an annual event that brings together researchers, developers, artists and enthusiasts who are interested in 3D graphics and the metaverse on the web. The conference covers various topics related to 3D web technologies, such as standards, applications, platforms, tools, rendering, animation, interaction, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and more. The conference also features papers, posters, tutorials, workshops, demonstrations, keynote presentations and panel sessions.