Advanced cameras for reconstruction released by CGAII

Our R&D member in China, CGAII, in cooperation with their product and distribution partner 4Dage, have recently launched two new cameras, 4D Minion(8K) and 4Dage Mega(16K). The debut of 4Dage Mega at the 8th international pipeline expo has garnered considerable attention. Using LIDAR, it acquires spatial data with an accuracy of ±1cm for both indoor and outdoor scanning. The scanning accuracy can reach 1cm, and the single-station scanning can obtain up to 8 million 3D point cloud information.

4Dage Mega reconstructs environments 1:1 for Fire & criminal investigation and other public safety applications. It performs high-precision 3D scene recordings of scene traces, murder weapons, footprints, and other physical evidence, allowing investigators and professionals who can’t visit the scene to keep the information.

4DKanKan Pro (Fire & Rescue Edition) aided multiple fire rescuer teams in Guangdong’s first fire & criminal investigation and news publicity competition.

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