Artificial Intelligence Platform for speech rehabilitation developed by Vicomtech

In our network, it is not always about Vision. Our network member Vicomtech developed a concept and respective technology for facilitating speech rehabilitation.

ReHabla is an online platform based on automatic speech processing
technologies, to treat disorders such as dysphasia, dyspraxia … that
generate problems of intonation, rhythm or problems with specific
phonemes in people who suffer from them.

The platform allows:

  • Improves the articulation of phonemes. Obtaining auditory and visual feedback or feedback from the production of phonemes favors a greater and faster generalization of the correct articulation.
  • Improves prosody and speech intonation. Prosodic parameters such as the correct placement of the accentuation in the words, the rhythm at the level of syllables and words or the curvature of the intonation from the audio generated by the patient are analyzed.
  • Extends the rehabilitation time. Users have the possibility of increasing the treatment time beyond the face-to-face session with the speech therapist, favoring greater autonomy and involvement in the treatment.
  • Examples of correct articulation and intonation. The patient has examples of the articulation and correct intonation of multiple stimuli at the auditory and visual level, both in videos and 2D animations.
More information at Vicomtech’s project page.