New Business Cluster member: CODI Lda.

On March 9, the most recent member of our Business Cluster joined the network: CODI Lda.

CODI is a technology-based company located in Leiria, Portugal, and dedicated to the conception and development of digital 3D and physical models. Founded in 1995, CODI was pioneer in Portugal in additive manufacturing and today is a leading company in this field, providing solutions with different technologies to several economic sectors, e.g. manufacturing, health, education and automotive. Always focusing on innovation and excellency, CODI provides CAD/CAM/CAE solutions and Design, R&D, Reverse Engineering, Fast Prototyping, and PLM services. Regarding R&D activities CODI has launched products like Spark, EyeSpeak and Wondercover. In 2010 CODI was integrated in ínCentea Group, which renders services in ICT, Marketing and Innovation, Business Consulting and Product Engineering and has dependencies in Spain, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe.