Technology cooperation and exchange – a case study

Vicomtech and DFKI have successfully implemented a model for technology cooperation and exchange on the 3D Object Tracker SDK Technology from the Augmented Vision Department of DFKI (see

Augmented Reality is a well-known technology since decades, but still the Quality of Experience (QoE) is not optimal for widespread industrial use. DFKI has developed a world-class technology for very accurate 3D Object Tracking. This is a key enabler for the seamless integration of virtual 3D Models in a Real scene, fixing the virtual 3D model to the real object in an extremely robust way, thus avoiding the jitter and loss of synchronisation between both. These results have been already published and demonstrated in the best conferences and journals  (such as ISMAR-17 and MDPI Computers 2018).

Vicomtech identified the potential of this technology, and decided to work in a cooperation agreement with DFKI for Technology Cooperation in this Technology Asset. This agreement includes the seamless integration of this Asset for demonstration purposes, addition of other integration layers for  integral solutions,  and special conditions for licensing and usage in case of industrial of cooperative projects with third parties.