Know-Center Austria

GraphicsVision.AI participated in Strategic Intelligence workshop @Know-Center, Graz

GraphicsVision.AI’s Managing Director Jürgen Bund was invited to participate in a workshop organized and hosted by Know-Center Austria, an institute for applied research and technology transfer, located in Graz, Vienna. Know-Center’s main affiliation is with the Technical University of Graz.

The workshop was held on January 25 and focused on ongoing research and technology projects developed by and at Know-Center, many of them being realized in close cooperation with Austrian companies.

Jürgen Bund and his colleague at Know-Center, Nelson Silva, also took the opportunity to discuss possible lines of cooperation, namely with regard to joint European research projects in which GraphicsVision.AI’s expertise in visualization, simulation and AI could be combined with Know-Center’s excellence in Big Data, data analysis and information production.