GraphicsVision.AI reshapes its scientific and technological focus

At its foundation in 2010, GraphicsVision.AI was conceived as a network of excellence in the field of Computer Graphics and related specialized domains such as Visualization, Simulation, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Media, Human Machine Interaction and many others. Over the last decade, the outer technological evolution had a strong impact on practically all network members, repositioning their research focus towards AI and, associated to this, Big Data and Robotics. Consequently, the members entered a dialogue which led to a new positioning and strategy, shared by all members, that puts the concepts Perception and Cognition and its complementary pair Action – Decision into a joint context. The following scheme shows this new positioning and its relationship with many fields of applied R&D.

Consequently, the members also decided to make this new positioning visible to the outside, rebranding the network into GraphicsVision.AI”.