Vicomtech-partner of GMN has designed a 3D-sound-based GPS for blind people to move in a secure and autonomous way

It is a GPS that has been especially designed thinking on blind or impaired vision people, andnwhich can also be used by people working under low vision conditions or even in emergencynsituations. This system uses 3D sounds and geolocation which allow users to move aroundnand reach their destinations safely. This is made by using 3D sounds that periodically repeatnthroughout the way.


This innovative system was tested recently in San Sebastian by Zuriñe de Anzola, a blindnperson who covered a short distance in the Gipuzkoa Technology Park.


The system is a result of a European project, directed by Vicomtech-IK4, named ARGUS, andnin which centres from Germany, Austria, UK and Spain participate. Some impaired visionnuser associations such as ONCE and Fundación Tecnológica Social FTS took also part in thenproject, together with 110 blind people from the different European countries which helpednvalidate both the system’s design and development.

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